Raymond Moody, MD/Lisa Smart video on Life After Life and TheUniversityof Heaven.com

Interesting video interview about NDE’s, life after life, shared NDE’s.


The University of Heaven, an online platform with courses and conversations about near death, shared death and after death experiences, was just launched by Dr. Raymond Moody, PHD, MD, and Lisa Smartt. It is in honor of Dr. Moody’s half century of research into these areas and includes contributions from leading edge writers and thinkers ranging from Kenneth Ring to Eben Alexander to Mary Neal to Hearts of Space composer Kevin Braheny. The content will include descriptions of out-of-body experiences, being in the presence of a light, appearance of deceased friends and family members along with a life review and the feeling of unconditional love and spiritual peace. Many of the guest faculty are physicians who bring the dual perspective of being scientifically-minded as well as being spiritually transformed by their research and experiences.

Have you seen an NDE like this when a loved one was in process of passing over?

A Facebook friend of mine, Cliff McKinn, shared a fascinating account of when his father announced he was ready to “go”.  Cliff gave his thumbs up that I share it with you. ——-

Last weekend I took my children and niece back home to see my Father before he closed his eyes to rest. He’s a diabetic and has been battling diabetes for some time now after a number of surgeries and procedures.

My mother and brother called to let me know he had gotten worse. They said he had suffered 2 heart attacks, an infection in the blood stream, pneumonia, on oxygen, plus he was talking out of his mind. The doctors were “getting him comfortable”.

Days prior I had talked to him on the phone to see how he was doing when I herd he was in the hospital. He said he wanted to see everybody. All his children and grandchildren. Cj was in Virginia, so I knew I had to drive there to get him, then back to Raleigh to get everyone else, then home to honor what my Dadd had said.

I haven’t did that much driving since I was in the military. Something greater than just myself was sustaining me, because I never really felt tired. My nourishment was coming from a Higher place.

I know we are eternal and death is but an illusion, but it’s funny how the body behaves when that knock comes for a loved one. Before my journey and after I got the call, I fell to my knees weeping, struggling to catch my breath as the tears poured from my eyes.

Memories of my Father’s contribution flooded my consciousness. As I sat there on the floor upon my knees, I began to realize what he had poured into me over the years. How could I have not realized all of these things before I thought?

As this process continued I found it interesting how emotional attachments to others seem to supersede and override logic and knowing. I know my Father is eternal and will continue on forevermore, but I couldn’t for the life of me stop the flood gates. So I let my souL cleanse itself, and let the healing unfoLd. I hadn’t weeped like this in quite a long time. Something about it feLt pleasant.

After a few minutes it was done. I got to my feet and began the journey. While at home when Dadd was in his darkest hour, he saw a Man in the bathroom in his hospital room. No one else could see this Man, but him. I wasn’t there at the time, but I caught wind of this later.

Dadd said the Man had come to get him. I believe he even said the Man gave him a bath, a type of spiritual bath, as if to get him ready to go somewhere. The following day when we was at the hospital, Dadd rose from a deep slumber with a look on his face that could only be explained if you saw it yourseLf.

He said, “Time to Go Home, Time To Go”. He began to weep and call for everyone to tell them Goodbye and that he loved them. He even told the nurses this, male and female alike.

What I’m about to say next, I can’t remember if it happened before this or right afterwards… I think it was right afterwards. I remember wanting to tell everyone to step out for a second so I could speak to Dadd alone, but I felt like I didn’t have time.

I didn’t want to be like those people who wish they had said something to a loved one, but never got around to it before their passing. That would have really bothered me.

As I got close to Dadd he said, “I made it, I got to see everyone” then he began to weep. I low key weeped with him and bent over and whispered something into his ear. I suddenly realized just how strong my Father was. He’s pretty powerful to have endured so many surgeries of doctors cutting off toes, feet, and legs and still maintain an overall humble mental attitude.

I told him, Thank you for being my Father, you’re the strongest person I know, you’re my hero”. Shortly after or before this, the timeline escapes me, I told him when it comes down to the wire, it’s ultimately up to YOU to leave or stay. I told him no one leaves here until they’re ready.

I truly believe this. Even in instances of sudden accidents. You see we have a Higher and Lower SeLf, and believe it or not many events we orchestrate from on High. I believe in the grand scheme of things my Father manifested the double heart attack, blood infection, and pneumonia as his exit strategy because he had truly given up.

Something profound happened. We all had to step out of the room for a few minutes. When we returned, my Father was sitting up right in the chair as you see here in this photo. He was out of the cloudy mind state he was just in. He was actually now in his normal state of mind.


He said he talked to God and God said it wasn’t time for him yet. He said he was going to give him more time here. Dadd also said he wanted to spend more time with Cj.

When it came down to the wire, I believe Dadd had a change of heart. I believe seeing everyone visiting him there gave him a renewed lease on life. A reason to stick around awhile longer.

Dadd was scheduled for some heart examination procedure the following morning, but it was canceled because they said his heart looked fine. He did a complete 360 degrees and was released to the local rehabilitation center in the area.

We’re grateful he decided to stick around.

Joining him part way, I helped my father cross over

Back in the early 1980’s, a dear friend of mine had a similar experience with someone he loved who was ready to pass over.  My friend explained that he actually traveled with him up until a point he was unable to go further without passing over himself.

This personal experience was taken from accounts submitted to IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) and is provided here anonymously.

This is a detailed account of a shared death experience, where a daughter assists her father in making his transition. It also recounts her (and her mother’s) multiple premonitions of his death and her increasing ability to hear his thoughts. She knew her father wanted her to help him go, but she wasn’t sure how to. Finally, she was able to go part way with him until he found his mother who was waiting for him. After this experience, she knows more about the power of love, and that our actions and thoughts matter more than we know.


I helped my father cross over – from www.iands.org:

My father had been ill on and off for the past 12 years. He had had several bouts with cancer, aneurisms, and heart problems. He always came through each battle with the same strong, positive attitude he went into it with. My mother and I, through all the times we waited for Dad to come out of a surgery that was more likely to kill rather than save him, never had the slightest doubt that he would be fine.

This past February he had gotten to the point where all the aneurisms were over, he had a mechanical aortic valve and he had been free of cancer for over five years. He had started going out again and was in better spirits then we’d seen him in years. So when both my mother and I heard the same young, male voice call (we were in different places in the house and we heard it different days) we knew we were going to lose someone but not Dad. We tried to figure who and could only come up with my sister who had just won a bout with breast cancer, but that didn’t feel right. So we just waited to see who it was. About one week after our hearing this voice, my father started feeling bad. He lost a tremendous amount of weight in what seemed like days and had become very tired and agitated. We both pressed him to go to the doctor and be checked. He did and his doctor had both brain and full body CAT scans done along with various other tests. Everything was OK, but Dad just didn’t feel right. This was in June.

In August, while I was sitting in the car waiting for my mother, I felt an overwhelming feeling of loss. I asked, out loud, “Who are we losing?” but I had no feeling for a particular person. I just knew we were losing someone very close. When my father said to me, at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, he thought he had a bowel blockage and needed to go to the hospital, I knew immediately who we were losing. On the way to the hospital he told me to take my time. I asked him if he was sure and he said there was still some time. I knew that he knew he wouldn’t come back this time.

In the emergency room, I stayed with him while they ran tests. He did have scar tissue blocking his intestine. They would admit him and schedule surgery. The ER doctor took me aside and told me that this would be very hard for Dad. I was amazed because this was not the first time they had to remove scar tissue from him and it had never been a major concern before.

But none of this was like any other time I had taken him to the hospital. I was grateful for this doctor, who I had never talked to before, for letting me know that my feelings were right. I literally stood next to my father that morning for four hours while they finished the tests and he waited for a room. He held my hand the whole time and had gotten so weak that he could only talk in a whisper. When it was time for them to move him, I told him I would go and get my son so my mother could be with him. He held my hand tightly and didn’t want me to go.

He had surgery at 8:00 pm Tuesday evening. He came through it fine. His doctor put him in the Cardiac Care Unit because of the valve in his heart, but this was normal. That evening my mother and I talked and we both knew Dad was going to die. It was strange to come out and say it to each other. Nothing the doctors said backed up the feelings, we just knew.

The following evening, as my mother and I stood over him in the CCU, he had a stroke. The CAT scans showed three baseball size soft tissue masses, one in the brain, one between the heart and lungs, and one in the abdomen. They also found several smaller masses up and down his spine. There was nothing that could be done. No cure that could handle all three masses. We had some serious decisions to make. We told Dad at the next visit and he understood. By now the bottom half of both lungs had collapsed, he was paralyzed on his right side and couldn’t speak. He could communicate by pointing at letters and his facial expressions. I had to ask him in the presence of a doctor if he wanted to keep the respirator on and if he understood that if it was turned off he would, in fact, die. He had no trouble making it clear to them that he wanted the artificial life-support off and he fully understood what was happening. We then moved him to a private room where my sisters, brother and I took shifts staying with him. We didn’t want him to be alone when he passed.

The four days he was in the private room were beautiful. Everyone who ever knew my father came to say goodbye and we, the family, allowed everyone a private moment with him. We were all amazed at how vividly aware he was and how well he communicated. It truly spoke of a life well lived and a man respected and loved by everyone.

By Saturday, the third day in the private room, he was tired, his paralysis was close to total, breathing labored, and he had a couple of bouts with violent fits of shaking. For some reason, I had a very strong mental connection with my Father that had intensified to the point of my actually speaking for him. I could hear his voice in my head. I knew what he wanted and what he felt. The connection was so strong by now that I had few feelings of my own.

I had relieved my sister Saturday morning. Dad had a restless night and I knew he would rest with me there. I kept hearing him ask me to help him go. I wasn’t sure how he wanted me to help. I knew he wanted to go but it felt like he was scared or lost. It seemed like he couldn’t go. My brother stayed with him that afternoon and I was to relieve him that evening. I told my mother I couldn’t go back that night. I knew I had to help him. I just wasn’t ready for whatever it was I was supposed to do. My mother understood how I felt, she said she had the same feelings her last visit, so she arranged for my sister and her husband to spend the night with him. Since this had all started I hadn’t slept much at all and Saturday night I actually slept for a few hours. I woke early Sunday morning and felt more relaxed than I had in days. But I knew I had to go and stay with Dad. I still had no idea how I could help him.

When I settled in at the hospital I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I heard him asking for help but I couldn’t help, and it broke my heart to see him suffer. He wanted to go, he was ready to go – but he couldn’t, and I couldn’t go for him. I’ve never felt a pain like that – I couldn’t look at him. I felt so self-conscience, the atmosphere in the room was so thick and oddly calm – peaceful almost – and waiting. As I sat reading in a chair at the foot of his bed, his breathing became heavy and sporadic, he was hyperventilating. I turned my head and looked him in the eyes (actually, the third eye, where you can see both eyes at the same time) and said, “I’ll breathe for you Dad.” I speeded my breathing up to his rate and slowly slowed it back down – he was with me and I was, literally, breathing for him. We were in perfect sync. As he calmed down he motioned, with his eyes, for me to close my eyes. I just knew that was what he wanted. I said, “you want me to close my eyes?” he motioned yes. I turned my head back and rested it against the back of the chair and closed my eyes. I felt, rather than saw my father in my consciousness. That is the only way to explain it. There was a figure, of sorts… like a vague outline, but I felt my father. I knew he wanted me to take him or help him. I said, verbally, “I can’t go all the way, but I’ll go as far as I can.” We then ‘moved’ through what was like a tunnel; the walls were like a bluish-gray smoke gently moving clockwise. I was behind my father, following him. We came to an area that I can only describe as a huge wall of purple and black swirling plasma. It rose up in front of us. We stood on a dark floor, the tunnel was behind us and we were blocked by this huge wall. The purple was the predominant color and the black was more like the outline of the purple swirls. We walked along the wall but found no way through, over, under, or around it. The feelings of this wall were confusion and chaos. It was swirling at a steady but chaotic pace and was quite intimidating but not frightening. More frustrating.

My father had only gotten this far – he couldn’t get past this wall. That’s what he wanted me to help him with. I said, “no wonder you can’t go – this is a mess!” Then I felt this sudden conscious awareness of what was happening and fear flooded me – a fear so shocking that I “flew” my eyes open and sat straight up in my chair! I looked over at my father and his eyes flew open, he looked at me as if I had hurt him more deeply than was humanly possible. I felt so ashamed, shocked and sorry, deeply – so very deeply sorry.

His breathing became faster and agitated. I said, “it wasn’t long enough, I opened my eyes too soon. I’m sorry…” He softened and I took control of the breathing again. (The whole time, the breathing was the predominant sound; it was like a gauge or a line and I used it but I’m not sure how.) He, again, motioned for me to close my eyes and we started over again. This time when we reached the purple/black wall there were specks of orange dotted through it. My father was looking for his mother. He was walking up and down the wall like a lost child calling, “Mama, Mama.” I started looking for her too; it made sense for her to come and help him – more sense than me doing it. I called “Granmommy Florence” (I was quite young when she died and only remember her one time; I tried to feel her but I couldn’t grasp it.) “Granmommy Florence.” It seemed that we called and looked for a long time. I started getting angry. I didn’t want my father stuck here and his body was almost dead. Why didn’t she come and get him?! Where was she?? I hollered “Granmommy Florence, come and get him! He’s suffered enough – don’t make him suffer anymore.” I felt so helpless that my demand was more of a plea.

Then, from somewhere inside of me, I heard “orange”. I remembered reading something about orange but I suddenly knew the only way through the purple was through the orange. I said to my father, “come on, we have to follow the orange.” He came with me like a lost child would go with someone they trusted to take them home. The innocence I felt from him made me feel very protective and real.

I wasn’t sure how to follow the orange, there were only specks here and there so I picked a speck and ‘moved’ toward it. As I did, I saw more orange, so I moved toward that, and I kept doing this until I, we, were on an orange path. The path rose up out of the purple/black swirls and as we moved along the path we came into a vast horizon of soft, warm pastel yellow and green whips that curved all around us like a canopy. The purple/black was below and behind us but the yellow/green whips were above and around us. Like we were rising up into a huge dome. It was so vast and warm, safe, calm and lightly peaceful.

It seemed as if we were on a moving belt going toward a flat, swirling, circular door. Like an inverted funnel but it, the opening, was flat and was in the middle of this vast space we had entered. The circular door was a soft white light mixed with light gray shadows where the light overlapped from the swirling motion.

There was a figure off to the left side of this door. To me it looked transparent, the color of liquid coffee held up to the light. It was the shape of a tall, thin person in a long, hooded robe. It seemed more transparent in what would be the chest area and I could not see a face or any detailed features. I know my father saw his mother. I felt his joy, his sudden childish freedom. The freedom to express the abundant love and joy that only innocent children seem to have. I was overwhelmed with a love and understanding that words cannot describe. A love of being rather than having, an understanding of everything in nothing. A warmth that cleansed the very fibers of my soul.

I watched as my father moved in front of me (up to now he had been following me) and moved like a child running toward this figure. I was still going forward but at a much slower pace. As I came closer to the door I felt as if I was shedding all pain, all worry. I was home, at last I was at the place I had been looking for so long. I had no reason to go back, nothing mattered now, I knew who I was and more importantly what I am and am to be.

Then, as my father reached the figure, a harsh, loud knock rang out, then another and another. I heard, what I thought was my father (I’m not so sure it was now) say, “Lynn, go answer the door.” I said, “No. I’m not leaving.” Again, the voice said, much sterner this time, “Lynn! go and answer the door!” Then, for some reason, I had the feeling that I was eavesdropping on a very private moment, and I felt uncomfortable. I said, “OK. But I’m coming right back.” Still seeing my father, the entire scene in my head, I got up out of the chair and opened the door of the hospital room. It was as if I was above myself looking through a funnel at the nurse in the hall. “I want to get his blood pressure… is it Ok?” she asked. The hospital staff had been really good about not disturbing him without our OK. I looked at her and tears started streaming down my face, “He’s going now,” I said. “I’m with him, he’s just found his mother, he’s going now!” The nurse stared at me for a moment then said “Are you alright? Is there someone I can call? Can you handle this?” “Are you kidding!!” I said “It’s beautiful, I’m with him. Of course, I can handle this.” Then she said “I knew you were psychic. I knew you were.” Then she started to tell me how her mother died and she wasn’t there but she knew when it happened. I didn’t want to be rude, but I said, “I have to go back… I want to be with him.” She squeezed my arm, and said if I needed anything she would be right outside the door.

I closed the door, went back to the chair, my father’s breathing was so slow and calm. I sat back and closed my eyes… I was back on the orange path but I was further back from the door than when I left. My father and the figure were just entering the light. My father said, “Bye, honey, and thank you.” As they entered the light, his breathing slowed; I knew the breathing would stop. I watched them move further into the light and heard the final breath of my father’s body. I just sat in the chair. I left the place we were, I was back here, and I waited for the silence. Hoping for another breath but knowing he was gone. After a few seconds, I looked at his body. He was definitely gone. I went to the door and told the nurse. She came in and confirmed that he was dead. She called the supervising nurse and she noted the time. The supervisor asked me if I was all right and I just looked at her and said, “I went with him. I watched him… I showed him where to go!” She said, “Do you know what a blessing that is?” and I couldn’t speak.

I called my mother and told her that I took him. She said she was so grateful, she tried to help him the day before and couldn’t. She would have someone come and get me. When my sister picked me up at the hospital, I tried to explain what had happened, but it was very hard to find any words, much less the right ones. Later she told me that I was “glowing” when she picked me up. The rest of the family had mixed reactions, they were actually angry at me.

It’s hard to describe how I felt. I remember telling a minister, who wanted me to recount the experience, that to let go of someone that deeply was the ultimate test of love. You cannot let go on that level if you are concerned with what it means to you. Only if you want what is right for that soul. That’s the love of being, not of having, the force that connects all life to all life. I guess you could say selfless or fear-less love. I know now that “hell” is the fear that holds us. “HELL” is being stuck between the physical world and the next world. We need to have felt and understood the “love – of – being,” that selfless, fear-less love, at some point in our existence to pass that wall. That’s the message of love. Not the feeling most of us call love. There has to be nothing in it for us. It doesn’t matter how we understood it or what we felt it for – just as long as we did.

A couple of hours after I got home from the hospital, I laid down, closed my eyes and was back at the purple/black wall. It’s funny but it wasn’t so intimidating this time. I looked behind it and found that it was a curtain. I slipped behind the curtain and went up the path and I saw my father much farther into the light. I wanted to go – but the curtain was suddenly in front of me and I was told “not yet.” I’m still trying to understand how and why I was able to go with my father. From what I have read and tried to research, this is not a very common thing, though I’m not the first person to have an experience like this.

There are a couple of things that I am very sure of now and they are that we are much more than flesh, bones, and blood. That our actions and even our thoughts here mean a great deal more than we can ever imagine. That “love” is much more and much more powerful than most of us has even an inkling about.

I also know that my father and any other soul (here or passed) who has known real love for another being is OK and will be OK through eternity. I now KNOW we can ALL go home.

She revived from having died to talk about the light and the love

The emotion that Nancy Rynes remembers most when she woke up on that January day in 2014 was anger.

It wasn’t anger at the texting driver that had hit her while she bicycled the Lafayette roundabout. It wasn’t anger about the injuries she suffered as she was dragged some 50 feet under the young woman’s car or the work that surgeons were doing to save her life.

Rynes was angry because she had been sent back from paradise and irrevocably among the living after being legally dead for some two minutes.

“I didn’t know what to do with all this,” Rynes said. “I felt like I was crazy. What had just happened? I didn’t have any words, and I didn’t say anything to anybody. I didn’t want to get committed to a psych ward. I didn’t know this happened to people.”

Rynes is one of the near-death experience survivors and researchers who attended Westminster’s Westin Hotel for the International Association of Near Death Studies annual conference in Colorado this past August 3-6, drawing people from around the world.


Erika Frost, our NDE speaker on July 8, 2017 in Irvine, CA

Erika Frost
NDE’rCHT/Reiki Master ,  Psychic, Student of Life & Employee of the Universe


Date:     Saturday, July 8, 2017
Time:     1:00pm – 4:00pm

Place:     School of Multidimensional Healing & Science  (SMHAS)
18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA 92614
(Major cross streets, MacArthur and Main St. )

Donation:     $10 toward room rental, however, no one is turned away.

Erika was first opened to her multiple gifts in a near death experience 24 years ago setting her on personal journey of discovery .  Now she’s passionate about inspiring others to create their dreams awake!

Erika has worked in a number of capacities as an intuitive and consultant and has spent several years as the resident paranormal investigator aboard the infamous Queen Mary. Erika is most passionate about her healing work and loves to empower people to their own gifts and purposes through Intuitive Life Coaching, guided meditations, HypnoReiki, Meditative Creative Art Programs and the deeper look at Self. She often facilitates connections to lost loved ones and is known for her open, uplifting and accepting spirit.

FOR MORE INFO: www.erikafrost.com ~


All are welcome to join us after the meeting for a no-host dinner at:

El Torito Restaurant
18512 MacArthur (across from John Wayne Airport), Irvine, CA
Restaurant:  (949) 833-8230

DIRECTIONS to El Torito from OC IANDS meeting:
When exiting the parking lot, turn Right on McDurmott.
Turn Right on Main St.
Turn Right on MacArthur.
El Torito will be on the left side of street after you’ve passed the 405 frwy.


OC IANDS exists for people in the Orange County and surrounding area who have had a near-death and/or related experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. The group provides a forum in which to discuss such experiences and their meaning and integration into subsequent life.

 Discussion takes place in an atmosphere of openness and interest/support without judgment, proselytizing, or advice-giving. The group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in Tustin and starting January 9, 2016, in Irvine.  We have a structured program with a guest speaker followed by discussion.

IANDS is not affiliated with any specific religion.


June Speaker, NDE-er Sarah Larsen, MD,

Sarah Larsen, MD
Sarah Larsen, MD
Date:   Saturday, June 10, 2017, 1:00-4:00 PM
Place:  Sc​hool of Multidimensional Healing & Science ​ (SMHAS)​, 18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA 92614  (Major cross streets, MacArthur & Main St.
Sarah Larsen, MD was born in a Pakastani village steeped in ancient customs and practices.​
Her parents arranged her marriage to a doctor and the marriage took place when she was 1​4​ years old.  She ​was unhappy, and her husband found her unacceptable. Divorce brought shame upon a family, so when she was 19 yrs old,  he decided to murder her, which had the support of his family.  An amazing story​, Dr. Sarah will be sharing it with us.

Her life became one of service, and she became a doctor to help those ​all around the world that couldn’t receive medical help​.​ ​Dr. Sarah is also a 3rd generation palm reader, a medical intuitive, public speaker, psychic, medium​, healer, and much more. During the meeting on Saturday, Dr. Sarah will be going around the room to each person giving a​ spot reading.   

She’s also an Ordained Interfaith Minister from All Paths Divinity School, trained in many energy based healing modalities, and host of a podcast named Miracle Makers on UBN Radio/TV with co-host Greg Larsen, which can be found on iTunes, UBN Radio/TV with co-host Greg Larsen at http://apple.co/2ruMSIe

​Outside of our meeting time with her, Dr. Sarah ​has offer​ed a ​one-hour reading at a special rate of $250, which includes a follow-up and special bonus. ​Appointments are available, but some openings may be filled by the time you read this​. She will be available for this on

Saturday evening, 6:30-9:30 pm, and Sunday, June 11th, 9am to 4pm.  You’ll be advised where the reading will take place, either where we have our meetings, or at the Irvine Hilton Hotel nearby.  If having a payment plan ​for the cost of the reading would be helpful, ​send an email to DrSarah@drsarahlarsen.com​, and Nikki from Dr Sarah’s office will respond. Along with the reading,  Dr. Sarah is also offering a free Self-Love and Dream Body Meditation here:  www.drsarahlarsen.com

Join Dr. Larsen and whomever would like to join us for a no-host dinner after the meeting at:

El Torito Restaurant
18512 MacArthur (across from John Wayne Airport), Irvine, CA
Restaurant:  (949) 833-8230

DIRECTIONS to El Torito from OC IANDS meeting:
When exiting the parking lot, turn Right on McDurmott.
Turn Right on Main St.​
​Turn Right on MacArthur.
​El Torito will be on the left side of street after you’ve passed the 405 frwy.​ _______________________

OC IANDS exists for people in the Orange County and surrounding area who have had a near-death and/or related experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. The group provides a forum in which to discuss such experiences and their meaning and integration into subsequent life.

Discussion takes place in an atmosphere of openness and interest/support without judgment, proselytizing, or advice-giving. The group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in Tustin and starting January 9, 2016, in Irvine.  We have a structured program with a guest speaker followed by discussion.
IANDS is not affiliated with any specific religion. 

Ines Beyer, MSc, author of “Death is Not the End”, our speaker on May 13, 2017

Ines Beyer will be speaking on the subjects in her book on death and the afterlife, research that suggests consciousness exists outside the human brain and body; insights out-of-body and near-death experiences can provide.

  • Have you wondered what happens to your consciousness after your body dies?
  • Are you hoping for, or believing in an afterlife, but just aren’t sure?
  • Would you prefer more evidence that leads beyond religion, mediums, or blind faith?

Would you like to know:

  • How we continue to live after physical death and what to expect.
  • The three types of “deaths” (or deactivations), and how they affect our awareness.
  • How we spend the period between lives and the importance of a life mission.
  • Ways to come to peace with leaving this life, and letting family, friends, or partners go.


The full title of Ines’ book is:  “Death is Not The End: Understanding the Transition between Lives”,  available at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.

“This is the best book on death and the nature of the soul that I have ever read – and I have read most of them. A unique combination of research, empirical observation, and well-grounded theory, “Death is Not the End” is a jewel. Ines Beyer has contributed greatly to our knowledge of our nature with this publication. This deserves to be a best seller.”
Denis Purcell,  retired electrical engineer, secondary math and science teacher, and
president of the Los Angeles International Association for Near-Death Studies
“Personally, I have walked out-of-body in the afterlife, traveling well beyond the horizon of our perceived physical reality, during my own near-death experience. So, I know that the concepts of OBE and NDE are valid. I welcome this new model and will use it in my work.”
       – Alan R. Hugenot, Ph.D., author of The Death Experience: What it is like when you die.

Ines Beyer, M.Sc., is the author of the book “Death is Not the End,” and winner of the International Excellence Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award. She volunteers and teaches at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), a leading non-profit organization in the field of Consciousness Science. Her book will be featured at the 2nd International Congress on Consciousness in Miami in May 2017. Born in Germany, she brings her passion for education, personal growth, and writing to Los Angeles, where she has earned her Master’s in Metaphysical Sciences.

Date:  Saturday, May 13, 2017
Time:  1:00pm – 4:00pm
Place:  School of Multidimensional Healing & Science, 18271 McDermott West,                          Suite H, Irvine, CA
Donation:  $10 toward our cost or room rental, however no one is turned away.