We won’t be providing snacks at future meetings

We need to save some shekels for administrative costs of holding our meetings. There’s no obligation to do so,  but anyone wanting to to bring in a snack to share will immediately become everyone’s best friend!  Also fine to bring in a snack, or lunch, for yourself to eat during meeting.

Video: Eben Alexander, MD describes his near-death experience and heaven

  This Harvard neurosurgeon is the last guy you’d expect to believe in what’s reported in near-death experiences, he says so himself, but then he had a medical crises, flatlined and courageously shares what he saw, heard, and felt after he died. Video

Life-changing audio interview-the afterlife, reincarnation, our soul

I highly recommend listening to this interview from September 11, 2012 with George Noory, radio host of CoasttoCoastAM.  It had a profound effect on my life, where I now just roll with the day-to-day life events without the struggle.   Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discusses his incredible journey finding evidence for the afterlife, life betweenContinue reading “Life-changing audio interview-the afterlife, reincarnation, our soul”