Monthly Archives: December, 2016

Barbara Bartolome from Santa Barbara IANDS in NBC’s Report on NDEs

Barbara Bartolome, Facilitator of Santa Barbara IANDS, was featured in Part 1 of 2 of the NBC Today Show’s Special Report on Near-Death Experiences where she shared a shortened version of her near-death experience. In this Special Report, other NDErs, researchers and experts talk about the results of their research. The two segments aired on …

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Spiritual Miracles Helped Her Survive Incest, Gang Rape, Car Accident

At our December 10, 2016 gathering in Irvine, it’s going to be quite an emotional, yet uplifting ride listening to the story of Connie Anne Miller’s life, a mix of unspeakable circumstances and spiritual miracles, all described in living color. As a young child, she experienced ongoing molestation by a close family member.  At the same …

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