Barbara Bartolome from Santa Barbara IANDS in NBC’s Report on NDEs

Barbara Bartolome, Facilitator of Santa Barbara IANDS, was featured in Part 1 of 2 of the NBC Today Show’s Special Report on Near-Death Experiences where she shared a shortened version of her near-death experience. In this Special Report, other NDErs, researchers and experts talk about the results of their research. The two segments aired on Monday, Dec 19th and Tuesday, Dec 20th, 2016.  You can watch both episodes at the links below.

Barbara is an excellent NDE educator, and will be our guest speaker on Saturday, April 8th, 2017. She will recount her near-death experience in much more detail than there was time for in the NBC special. Her talk will be followed by Q&A. Mark your calendars now!

PART I, 12/19/16


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