An easy way to contact deceased loved ones according to well-known NDE’er

Nanci Danison’s account of her 1994 NDE resonates for me, in part because she’s so articulate and handily puts into words what might be difficult for many of us.  Also, she remembers an incredible amount of detail from her NDE, even after 20 years.  Nanci, who lives in Ohio, can’t travel due to health reasonsContinue reading “An easy way to contact deceased loved ones according to well-known NDE’er”

Roger Ebert: his astounding realization prior to passing

Rich Martini is a writer, filmmaker, past speaker at OC IANDS about his research into life between lives documented in his book and documentary,  Flipside: Journey to the Afterlife.  Today, Rich posted the following fascinating account on Facebook (and blog) about Roger Ebert, Ebert’s wife Chaz, and what happened prior to his Ebert’s passing.  Enjoy. Here’sContinue reading “Roger Ebert: his astounding realization prior to passing”

A near-death experiencer from conservative Jewish background

Beverly Brodsky This Saturday, December 14, 2013, we are pleased to have Beverly Brodsky as our guest speaker, who will share her near-death experience resulting in a horrendous motorcycle accident. Beverly  was raised in a conservative Jewish family in a mostly Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia. She went through her teens as an atheist. Since learningContinue reading “A near-death experiencer from conservative Jewish background”