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Raymond Moody, MD/Lisa Smart video on Life After Life and TheUniversityof

Interesting video interview about NDE’s, life after life, shared NDE’s. The University of Heaven, an online platform with courses and conversations about near death, shared death and after death experiences, was just launched by Dr. Raymond Moody, PHD, MD, and Lisa Smartt. It is in honor of Dr. Moody’s half century of research into …

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Death, Entities, and Consciousness With Dr. Gosia Lorenz

International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Orange County Chapter Support and Interest Group ************************************************* “Join us for an Orange County Exclusive” Death, Entities, and Consciousness With Dr. Gosia Lorenz ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Date:          Saturday, October 13, 2018 Time:         1:00-4:00 pm Place:         HeartSpace  18271 McDurmott West Ste G, Irvine Donation     $10.00 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Dr. …

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