Have you seen an NDE like this when a loved one was in process of passing over?

A Facebook friend of mine, Cliff McKinn, shared a fascinating account of when his father announced he was ready to “go”.  Cliff gave his thumbs up that I share it with you. ——-

Last weekend I took my children and niece back home to see my Father before he closed his eyes to rest. He’s a diabetic and has been battling diabetes for some time now after a number of surgeries and procedures.

My mother and brother called to let me know he had gotten worse. They said he had suffered 2 heart attacks, an infection in the blood stream, pneumonia, on oxygen, plus he was talking out of his mind. The doctors were “getting him comfortable”.

Days prior I had talked to him on the phone to see how he was doing when I herd he was in the hospital. He said he wanted to see everybody. All his children and grandchildren. Cj was in Virginia, so I knew I had to drive there to get him, then back to Raleigh to get everyone else, then home to honor what my Dadd had said.

I haven’t did that much driving since I was in the military. Something greater than just myself was sustaining me, because I never really felt tired. My nourishment was coming from a Higher place.

I know we are eternal and death is but an illusion, but it’s funny how the body behaves when that knock comes for a loved one. Before my journey and after I got the call, I fell to my knees weeping, struggling to catch my breath as the tears poured from my eyes.

Memories of my Father’s contribution flooded my consciousness. As I sat there on the floor upon my knees, I began to realize what he had poured into me over the years. How could I have not realized all of these things before I thought?

As this process continued I found it interesting how emotional attachments to others seem to supersede and override logic and knowing. I know my Father is eternal and will continue on forevermore, but I couldn’t for the life of me stop the flood gates. So I let my souL cleanse itself, and let the healing unfoLd. I hadn’t weeped like this in quite a long time. Something about it feLt pleasant.

After a few minutes it was done. I got to my feet and began the journey. While at home when Dadd was in his darkest hour, he saw a Man in the bathroom in his hospital room. No one else could see this Man, but him. I wasn’t there at the time, but I caught wind of this later.

Dadd said the Man had come to get him. I believe he even said the Man gave him a bath, a type of spiritual bath, as if to get him ready to go somewhere. The following day when we was at the hospital, Dadd rose from a deep slumber with a look on his face that could only be explained if you saw it yourseLf.

He said, “Time to Go Home, Time To Go”. He began to weep and call for everyone to tell them Goodbye and that he loved them. He even told the nurses this, male and female alike.

What I’m about to say next, I can’t remember if it happened before this or right afterwards… I think it was right afterwards. I remember wanting to tell everyone to step out for a second so I could speak to Dadd alone, but I felt like I didn’t have time.

I didn’t want to be like those people who wish they had said something to a loved one, but never got around to it before their passing. That would have really bothered me.

As I got close to Dadd he said, “I made it, I got to see everyone” then he began to weep. I low key weeped with him and bent over and whispered something into his ear. I suddenly realized just how strong my Father was. He’s pretty powerful to have endured so many surgeries of doctors cutting off toes, feet, and legs and still maintain an overall humble mental attitude.

I told him, Thank you for being my Father, you’re the strongest person I know, you’re my hero”. Shortly after or before this, the timeline escapes me, I told him when it comes down to the wire, it’s ultimately up to YOU to leave or stay. I told him no one leaves here until they’re ready.

I truly believe this. Even in instances of sudden accidents. You see we have a Higher and Lower SeLf, and believe it or not many events we orchestrate from on High. I believe in the grand scheme of things my Father manifested the double heart attack, blood infection, and pneumonia as his exit strategy because he had truly given up.

Something profound happened. We all had to step out of the room for a few minutes. When we returned, my Father was sitting up right in the chair as you see here in this photo. He was out of the cloudy mind state he was just in. He was actually now in his normal state of mind.


He said he talked to God and God said it wasn’t time for him yet. He said he was going to give him more time here. Dadd also said he wanted to spend more time with Cj.

When it came down to the wire, I believe Dadd had a change of heart. I believe seeing everyone visiting him there gave him a renewed lease on life. A reason to stick around awhile longer.

Dadd was scheduled for some heart examination procedure the following morning, but it was canceled because they said his heart looked fine. He did a complete 360 degrees and was released to the local rehabilitation center in the area.

We’re grateful he decided to stick around.


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