Showing of SOUL PROOF, a documentary on November 14, 2105

This month, instead of a speaker, we will be viewing a documentary, Soul Proof.  Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, who’s website is,, talks about what has lead him to producing this documentary and his life’s work. The following video is 4 minutes:

SOUL PROOF contains all the evidence—clinical, scientific, religious/spiritual, and empirical (based on firsthand experience)—that you are an indestructible part of divine energy right now and always 

, that you have everything you need to handle all of life’s greatest challenges—even your death and that of a loved one—with peace, purpose, wisdom, and clarity.

Feel the comfort, peace, and joy that accompanies watching and hearing many people who actually had near-death experiences, after-death contacts, ghost encounters, miracles, revelatory experiences, and more.

Learn from world-renowned experts:  Drs. Raymond Moody, Michael Newton, Ken Ring and others who explain their findings that consciousness continues beyond death.

Trailer of documentary:


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