Past Life and Life Between Lives Group Hypnosis June 8, 2013, Tustin

Saturday, June 8, 2013

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Orange County IANDS


Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht.,
Clinical Therapist 


Scott is a spiritual hypnotherapist, featured in the documentary “Flipside: Journey Through the Afterlife” by Richard Martini, which you can view at no charge by clicking on the link. Runs 1.5 hours.

On June 8th, Scott will give a talk about ‘life before lives’, spirituality, and hypnosis followed by leading the audience through a hypnotic process. It will consist of a brief past life regression leading to the spiritual state between.

Life Between Lives is a hypnosis technique that connects you to your soul awareness. Guided into the spiritual state between lifetimes, you can communicate with your own personal spirit guide, greet your beloved soulmates, and consult advanced spiritual masters known as Elders. You have opportunities for learning, healing, and tracing the threads of your own soul history. Most importantly, you can better understand your path and purpose in your current lifetime.

This group hypnosis will run one hour, an abbreviated experience from what one would have during a private session with Scott which can run four or so hours.  Afterwards, those who would like to can share and talk about their experiences, and ask questions.

Scott was trained by Michael Newton, PhD., author of the classic book “Journey of Souls”, which chronicles his discovery and development of the LBL process. In a career spanning some 30 years, Dr. Newton found a remarkable consistency in his clients’ experiences, regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs.

Scott’s websites are and

(909) 241-2844


Spiritual energy will be transmitted by Sukyo Mahikari practitioners prior to our meeting, from 11:45 AM and ending at 12:50 PM.  As always, there is no charge. Each session runs approximately ten minutes.  If interested, a reservation is required by emailing Tom Michaelsen at  Sukyo Mahikari is the giving and receiving of positive, spiritual energy transmitted from the palm of the hand toward the receiver while both sit on chairs.  The energy transmitted purifies and revitalizes the spirit, mind, and body. You are welcome to invite your friends and family to receive light.  It is not necessary to stay for the OC IANDS meeting afterwards, although all are welcome. For more information on Sukyo Mahikari, click on the link below.

Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development:
23151 Camino Altozano
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  92688
(949) 459-1409

SNEAK PEAK FOR OUR JULY MEETING – On July 13, 2013,  our guest speaker will be Suzanne Boehm. Suzanne died in the dentist’s chair in 1993. While “flat-lining” for four minutes, Suzanne experienced a lengthy encounter with God, during which He told her to write a book and “bring certain profound messages back” and that she did. Suzanne is the author of BEYOND THE TUNNEL


Snacks are provided on a volunteer basis.  Bottled water will be provided.   You’re welcome to bring lunch or a snack for yourself to eat during the meeting.

Subscribe to, our website. There will be some overlapping of meeting notices, but otherwise, will offer all kinds of information and resources of interest you won’t want to miss.


We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 1pm-4pm at Unity Church of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA.  Drive to the back of the church, turn left, and park. Enter the 2nd door you come to.

Each meeting contains a break half-way through, and afterwards, questions and answers, and discussion. There is no pressure to participate in a discussion.

Not everyone who attends has had a near-death or spiritually transformative experience. Everyone has their own reason why this group is of interest, and all are welcome.

We encourage a donation of $10 per person but no one is turned away.

All are welcome. It’s often a fun extension of the meeting where we meet at close-by Mimi’s Cafe. 17231 17th St., Tustin, (714) 544-5522.  Directions:  Leaving the church parking lot, turn right on Prospect.  At 17th Street, turn Left.  Get in right hand lane.  A few blocks down, just before the 55 freeway, you’ll see Mimi’s on the right.

We meet to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research.  IANDS groups such as ours can be found in communities around the world.

Send your request with first and last names, and email address to, or call Robin at (949) 855-1102.

Deb Foster will tell the story of her NDE on March 9, 2013

Deb Foster will tell the story of her NDE on March 9, 2013

On Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, Orange County IANDS will present Deb Foster who will share her story of the day she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but a few hours later, something went wrong. Deb died.  She’ll share her detailed story of going to “a different place” where she saw heaven.

Her story has been featured in newspapers, Guidepost, and Barbara Walters’ special Heaven, Where Do We Go, How Do We Get There?

She’ll be answering everyone’s questions afterwards.  Bring a friend, especially any animal lovers who wonder where their pets go after they leave this world.

Tom Michaelsen and other volunteers from the Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development will be on hand to give ‘light’ to those interested at no charge. The light is known to revitalize the spirit, mind, and body, and will be offered from 11:45 am and ending sharply at 1:00 pm.  If you’d like to receive ‘light’, please email Tom at to ‘rsvp’ so enough volunteers will be available.  The earlier you arrive, the better.