Frequent Coast to Coast AM Guest Rich Martini “Practical Advice for Living from People No Longer on Planet”

Date:               Saturday, March 11, 2017
Time:               1:00-4:00 pm
Place:               School of Multidimensional Healing & Sciences
Address:          18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA
Cost:                $10 contribution toward our cost for rental of our meeting room.
No one is turned away for lack of money.

“HOME:  How NDEs Point to a Location That is Not Here”

Rich Martini will discuss the latest research that he’s done with his most recent book, “Hacking the Afterlife.”  A filmmaker and author, Martini began his research into the flipside with his documentary and book “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.”  His follow up book “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (Volumes 1 and 2)” explored Near-Death Experiences (NDE), and those who’ve had both an NDE and a between life session with a hypnotherapist to explore the memory of the NDE. hacking

In “Hacking the Afterlife” he converses with a number of people who claim to have access to the flipside, and delves into interviews with mediums who bring back “new information” from those who are no longer on the planet.

In his research into NDE’s and other consciousness altered events, (people under hypnosis, via an Out of Body Experience or some other event), he’s often come across the concept that people refer to the flipside as “home.”  In this talk, he’ll examine how it could be that “home” is not here, where we are, but somewhere else.

Rich is a frequent guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. His website,

Rich is a popular speaker. It’s suggested to arrive at the meeting early to assure seating. 

Rich Martini is guest on Coast to Coast AM tommorrow (Fri, 12/12/14)

Rich Martini was a hugely popular speaker at OC IANDS two years ago. As a filmmaker, he just happened to bring along his video camera and recorded the meeting:

About tommorrow’s show:

This will be his 3rd interview with George Noory and ALWAYS fascinating.  Tommorrow, you can hear him on KFI640 AM radio, 10pm PST to 12 midnight, followed by a replay at 2:00-4:00 am PST or listen online at

Rich Martini will discuss examinations of near death accounts and how they compare to between life hypnotherapy and life sessions.

About Rich:

Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini has written and/or directed 9 indie films. A former free lance journalist for Variety, Inc.Com, Premiere and other magazines, a graduate of the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, FlipSide: A Tourist’s Guide to the Afterlife is his debut non-fiction book on a topic that’s been haunting him since the death of a soul mate.

After a dream vision of visiting his friend in the Great Beyond, Martini went on a literary quest to find out what the prevailing science and philosophical opinions on the Afterlife are. He journeyed into Tibetan Philosophy, made documentaries in Tibet and India, and eventually was introduced to the work of the Newton Institute, founded by renowned author and hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls”).

Rich’s website:

September 13, 2014 Featured Speaker, author Kiowa Michael, 6-time NDEr

Orange County IANDS Support and Interest Group

Date:     Saturday, ​ September 13, 2014​

Time:    1:00-4:00 pm

Place:    Unity of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA, Drive to the back of the church, turn left, and park.                         Enter the 2nd door you come to.

Kiowa Michaels

Featured speaker
Kiowa Michaels

author of ​My Near-Death Experience and
When To Give Up on Life and Child (autobiography)
Kiowa was born with a congenital heart disease. He’s had 29 heart surgeries, 5 major lung surgeries, 5 pacemakers and 6 near death experiences (NDE’s). He was also severely abused by a parent all his life. As a young boy, he considered suicide as the only way out. When he was 12, two weeks prior to his first heart failure, he had his first near-death experience or spiritually transformative experience, something which NDE researchers say is not uncommon. After he revived, he never considered suicide again – not because of fear, but from the immensity, beyond description, of love, complete lack of fear, and peace he experienced.
Questions and answers follow.

OC IANDS  exists for people in the ​Orange County and surrounding  area​s​ who have had a near-death ​and/or related experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. The group provides a forum in which to discuss such experiences and their meaning and integration into subsequent life.  Discussion takes place in an atmosphere of openness and interest/support without judgment, proselytizing, or advice-giving.  The group meets on the second ​Saturday  of each month from ​1:00-​4:00 p.m. in ​Tustin.

​We have a structured program ​ almost always hearing a speaker watching a relevant video followed by discussion.  Although we meet in a ​Unity church, the group is not affiliated with any specific religion. The church is conveniently located, and they ​allow us to use a ​classroom. However, those who attend and who can afford to do so are asked to make a $1​0​ contribution to the church for our use of ​their room.



All are welcome. We’ll meet at​ Mimi’s Cafe​, 17231 17th St., Tustin, (714) 544-5522.  Directions:  Leaving the church parking lot, turn right on Prospect.  At 17th Street, turn Left.  Get in right hand lane.  A few blocks down, just before the 55 freeway, you’ll see Mimi’s on the right.


NDE survivor of scuba diving accident will speak at April 12th meeting


On September 29, 1984, Darlene Jaman survived a freak scuba diving accident off the coast of California. She experienced a core NDE (Near Death Experience) enveloped by the white light and an imbuing Love. This resulted in her spiritual reawakening and her birth of creative sight.

Darlene’s journey took her on a path of discovery to spend two and half years in Scotland at Findhorn Spiritual Community. Coming back to Los Angeles, she dedicated herself to help terminally ill patients who fear death.

For over a decade, Darlene facilitated and counseled the West Los Angeles friends of IANDS support group.

Darlene was raised in Los Angeles, and through the years, received extensive training in prestigious institutes of art, fashion design, and gourmet cooking.  After her NDE, painting became the way to quiet her mind, a transcendental gateway to another universe far beyond the physical limitations of the canvas. She is able to draw from gifts of sight which transcend beyond her thoughts and feelings giving over to the flow of painting, never knowing what will come onto the canvas.

Darlene will bring a couple of her pieces to the meeting which depict elements of her NDE,  also seen in her sketch below which she’ll explain during her talk.



Date:     Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Time:    1:00-4:00 pm

Place:    Unity of Tustin, Tustin, CA

Admission:  $10, but no one turned away

PLEASE BRING A SWEATER OR JACKET – the room may be too cold for some.

To receive meeting notices by email, send your request with first and last names to

Roger Ebert: his astounding realization prior to passing

ImageRich Martini is a writer, filmmaker, past speaker at OC IANDS about his research into life between lives documented in his book and documentary,  Flipside: Journey to the Afterlife.  Today, Rich posted the following fascinating account on Facebook (and blog) about Roger Ebert, Ebert’s wife Chaz, and what happened prior to his Ebert’s passing.  Enjoy.

Here’s a pretty dramatic “Flipside” moment, and I will endeavor to interview Chaz Ebert about it for the next book. I knew Roger Ebert, my brother Jeff worked with him at the U of I on the school paper, and Roger had given me a brutal “thumbs way down” review of my film “Limit Up” which literally killed it while it was in the theaters. I thought he’d appreciate the story about a guardian angel who helps a woman become the first female soybean trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and Ray Charles played her boss, God; I had no idea he was an atheist when I insisted to the studio that they get Roger a copy of the film for his review. One of the many errors I’ve made in my film career. (No really, it’s a fun movie; Danitra Vance, Ray Charles, Brad Hall, Nancy Allen – just hard to find.)

However, he was always friendly when I saw him at Cannes or other fests. I met his wife Chaz a few years back as well – a lovely couple. So when he was pronounced dead and then revived some years ago, he wrote how Chaz reported she heard him saying “I’m still here.” She insisted the Doctors revive him – and they did. He went on to live another four or five years with her. It didn’t change Roger’s opinion of an “afterlife” as he wrote a column about what happened – how he wasn’t conscious of calling out to her, but she was. I noted how funny it was that the proof there is “consciousness after life” actually happened to him – and to the person he loved the most on the planet – but he was blind to it. And six days ago, this appeared in Esquire, Chaz’s recollection of his final days. He was experiencing what so many have experienced – some in near death experiences – and some while under deep hypnosis as pioneered by Michael Newton and outlined in my first book “Flipside.”

Take a moment to read this description of Roger’s last moments on the planet. “The one thing people might be surprised about, Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once. (

Funny how he reviewed his glimpse of the nature of reality; “It’s all a hoax.” He could have said “It’s all a movie” or “It’s all a theatrical piece” which would have been a bit more accurate (according to the research). “Hoax” implies there’s someone behind the curtain pulling the strings, and pulling something over on people. “Illusion” is accurate, but again, so is film; funny he didn’t make that connection. But when you examine the “Flipside” you find that there’s no one but you pulling the strings – albeit with help from spirit guides and other resources – but we experience events and problems in our paths because we put them there, to examine them, to learn from them – to learn compassion for others. We are directing the hoax, so to speak, and when we experience the vastness, the “stepping outside of time” that one can experience during a near death experience or under deep hypnosis, we see the past, present and future as other events to experience. And we experience the vastness, as Eben Alexander did in “Proof of Heaven” as a “glittering darkness” where we are all connected at the same moment. But don’t take my word for it; take Roger’s. Two thumbs way up.

“He was sitting almost like Buddha, and then he just put his head down.”

Past Life and Life Between Lives Group Hypnosis June 8, 2013, Tustin

Saturday, June 8, 2013

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Orange County IANDS


Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht.,
Clinical Therapist 


Scott is a spiritual hypnotherapist, featured in the documentary “Flipside: Journey Through the Afterlife” by Richard Martini, which you can view at no charge by clicking on the link. Runs 1.5 hours.

On June 8th, Scott will give a talk about ‘life before lives’, spirituality, and hypnosis followed by leading the audience through a hypnotic process. It will consist of a brief past life regression leading to the spiritual state between.

Life Between Lives is a hypnosis technique that connects you to your soul awareness. Guided into the spiritual state between lifetimes, you can communicate with your own personal spirit guide, greet your beloved soulmates, and consult advanced spiritual masters known as Elders. You have opportunities for learning, healing, and tracing the threads of your own soul history. Most importantly, you can better understand your path and purpose in your current lifetime.

This group hypnosis will run one hour, an abbreviated experience from what one would have during a private session with Scott which can run four or so hours.  Afterwards, those who would like to can share and talk about their experiences, and ask questions.

Scott was trained by Michael Newton, PhD., author of the classic book “Journey of Souls”, which chronicles his discovery and development of the LBL process. In a career spanning some 30 years, Dr. Newton found a remarkable consistency in his clients’ experiences, regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs.

Scott’s websites are and

(909) 241-2844


Spiritual energy will be transmitted by Sukyo Mahikari practitioners prior to our meeting, from 11:45 AM and ending at 12:50 PM.  As always, there is no charge. Each session runs approximately ten minutes.  If interested, a reservation is required by emailing Tom Michaelsen at  Sukyo Mahikari is the giving and receiving of positive, spiritual energy transmitted from the palm of the hand toward the receiver while both sit on chairs.  The energy transmitted purifies and revitalizes the spirit, mind, and body. You are welcome to invite your friends and family to receive light.  It is not necessary to stay for the OC IANDS meeting afterwards, although all are welcome. For more information on Sukyo Mahikari, click on the link below.

Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development:
23151 Camino Altozano
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  92688
(949) 459-1409

SNEAK PEAK FOR OUR JULY MEETING – On July 13, 2013,  our guest speaker will be Suzanne Boehm. Suzanne died in the dentist’s chair in 1993. While “flat-lining” for four minutes, Suzanne experienced a lengthy encounter with God, during which He told her to write a book and “bring certain profound messages back” and that she did. Suzanne is the author of BEYOND THE TUNNEL


Snacks are provided on a volunteer basis.  Bottled water will be provided.   You’re welcome to bring lunch or a snack for yourself to eat during the meeting.

Subscribe to, our website. There will be some overlapping of meeting notices, but otherwise, will offer all kinds of information and resources of interest you won’t want to miss.


We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 1pm-4pm at Unity Church of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA.  Drive to the back of the church, turn left, and park. Enter the 2nd door you come to.

Each meeting contains a break half-way through, and afterwards, questions and answers, and discussion. There is no pressure to participate in a discussion.

Not everyone who attends has had a near-death or spiritually transformative experience. Everyone has their own reason why this group is of interest, and all are welcome.

We encourage a donation of $10 per person but no one is turned away.

All are welcome. It’s often a fun extension of the meeting where we meet at close-by Mimi’s Cafe. 17231 17th St., Tustin, (714) 544-5522.  Directions:  Leaving the church parking lot, turn right on Prospect.  At 17th Street, turn Left.  Get in right hand lane.  A few blocks down, just before the 55 freeway, you’ll see Mimi’s on the right.

We meet to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research.  IANDS groups such as ours can be found in communities around the world.

Send your request with first and last names, and email address to, or call Robin at (949) 855-1102.

NDE experiencer answers “Does God Control Our Lives?”

Nanci Danison photo
          Spiritual Author Nanci Danison’s  BACKWARDS GLIMPSE
May 7, 2013
Nancy Danison will be our featured guest speaker via Skype in early 2014, the date to be determined.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog, and/or request to be added to our meeting notice list by sending email to:

Does God Control Our Lives?

I recently read a near-death experience book that portrayed the author’s life as a series of events directed and controlled by God–a traditional religious belief. That got me thinking about how seeing the same events from a different perspective can make a world of difference. It can literally turn a victim into a powerful spiritual force.

Many of us believe that God micromanages our daily lives. God decides what good events we will experience and punishes us for transgressions or omissions with bad events. This viewpoint is chock full of beliefs that we are cut off from our Creator, isolated, controlled by a being outside ourselves, and powerless to change our lives because they are dictated by someone else. In essence, we are victims of God’s whim. While in the afterlife, I learned that such beliefs are the result of human fear and superstition. And they can be corrected through enlightenment.

The “knowings” I received while living in the afterlife taught me a new model of our relationship with our Creator. I was shown that Source is an all-loving, and not controlling, immense intelligent energy field with emotions, imagination, and life of its own. Source has an innate personality or set of character traits that are immutable and constitute its “core” consciousness. In addition, Source has created within its own mind all of the personalities/characters that we call “souls.” We are those souls within Source’s mind; we are parts of Source. And we have been given complete free will to pick and choose the events of the physical lives of the creatures we inhabit. We either allow the host body to lead its animal life with us just going along for the ride, or, we manifest into physical reality what we truly and deeply believe about human life and ourselves within it.

So, because we are parts of Source’s mind, and we have the ability to control the actions and lives of the human hosts we inhabit (whether we exercise it or not), Source in a very limited sense does control human lives through us. The difference between this model of life, and the religious model, is who has the power. In the religious model, God is all powerful and we are powerless. The religious model assumes that the core consciousness of Source directs and controls everything in the physical world. In the model I was given in the afterlife, we ARE parts of God and are therefore powerful spiritual forces ourselves. We direct and control our own lives as Source.

Thank you for being open to the messages I have returned from the afterlife to share.


Nanci L. Danison, JD, afterlife experiencer, attorney, and author of BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers, BACKWARDS Guidebook, BACKWARDS Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions, and the Light Answers to Tough Questions series of CDs and DVDs (A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd., Publishers). Visit me at or watch me on YouTube.Subscribe to this newsletter at
Nanci Danison’s “Our 5 Spiritual Superpowers” DVD
Our 5 Spiritual Superpowers 
Nanci describes our five spiritual superpowers of multiple simultaneous levels of awareness, the ability to access universal knowledge, the ability to manifest physical reality, self-healing and unconditional love. Recorded live at the Universal Light Expo.
50 mins (approx)
Our Price: $9.99 plus S & H
BRTS                                second book                           

My first two books are also available in KINDLE versions. BACKWARDS Beliefs will not be out in Kindle for a year or more because it takes a long time (and a lot of money) to get permissions from the publishers whose authors I quote to publish an electronic version including those quotations.

Please visit or for more information about Nanci L. Danison, her afterlife experience, her workshops, and her books, CDs and DVDs.