Podcast: Mark Anthony shows a real spiritual world exists

ImageAttorney and intuitive, Mark Anthony, is interviewed in this one-hour podcast on WebTalkRadio. Despite doubts over whether an after-life is real, critical thinkers, such as Anthony, demonstrate that a real spiritual world exists.


Does life have meaning? Meet Nick Vujicic, born without arms, legs


When dealing with issues such as life and death, or life after death, or life before life, the question often comes up about our life’s purpose.  I write a few blogs, RobinBarrBuzz is one of them, where today, I wrote an overview of Nick’s life.  He is now a motivational speaker, humanitarian, businessman, and was recently married this past February in California.

It includes a few short videos and pictures.  I believe that many participants and visitors of IANDS will find this of interest.