Life-changing audio interview-the afterlife, reincarnation, our soul

I highly recommend listening to this interview from September 11, 2012 with George Noory, radio host of CoasttoCoastAM.  It had a profound effect on my life, where I now just roll with the day-to-day life events without the struggle.   Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discusses his incredible journey finding evidence for the afterlife, life betweenContinue reading “Life-changing audio interview-the afterlife, reincarnation, our soul”

$5 Million Grant Funds Afterlife Study at UC Riverside

The grant will fund research into heaven, hell, karma, purgatory and other topics.  A distinguished UCR professor of philosophy, John Martin Fischer, received the grant to start The Immortality Project.  Fischer said “Our approach will be  uncompromisingly scientifically rigorous.  We’re not going to spend money to study alien-abduction reports.” The three-year grant comes from the JohnContinue reading “$5 Million Grant Funds Afterlife Study at UC Riverside”