Special Event With Santa Barbara IANDS Tonight


Wed, May 12th at 7pm PT

…or watch the Guest Speaker’s talks anytime you’d like at:
This Month’s Guest: Author of Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go
Mark Anthony
Psychic Lawyer
     Shared Death Experiences: The New Frontier in Afterlife Research
 Shared Death Experiences (SDEs) are the latest discovery, and among the most exciting, in Near-Death Experience. Survival of Consciousness, and After Death Communication research.

Shared Death Experiences (SDEs) occur around the moment of death of a person. At this time, one or more people share the experience of the dying person transitioning to the afterlife. Those involved in SDEs often believe that the SDE they participated in is powerful evidence for the reality of an afterlife. Deathbed visions (DBVs) occur shortly before death. Those dying may report seeing or hearing dead family members, religious/spiritual beings and/or beautiful scenery. Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer will explain the technical aspect of Shared Death Experiences and After Death Communication on the basis of quantum physics in an entertaining and easy to understand manner which everyone in the audience can enjoy. Mark will also present how the Other Side is a Collective Consciousness based on his research and direct experience during his own Near-Death Experience, his observation and involvement in Shared Death Experiences, and through over 15,000 readings he has done with people from around the world.

MARK ANTHONY the PSYCHIC LAWYER® (also known as THE PSYCHIC EXPLORER) is the author of the best-sellers EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY and NEVER LETTING GO.An Oxford educated trial attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court, he appears regularly on television as a legal analyst, psychic medium and expert on the paranormal, after death communication, and near death experiences. 
Contact information:

https://evidenceofeternity.com/ is Mark’s resource filled website . Please join IANDS Santa Barbara in welcoming Mark Anthony on Wednesday, May 12th, 7-9pm PT. Our free live online meeting is available via Facebook at:


You can help spread the word by forwarding this email to friends and family who might be interested. Thanks very much!

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