The Future of Orange County IANDS

Dear Members and Friends,

I want to say this has been a difficult time for many of us.  We have been transitioning into a unique place in our society. One that is full of scarcity and fear for our well-being. Yet, we have seem lots of things that have been hidden come to the surface.

” May you live in interesting times” 

Chinese Proverb

The pandemic has us reinventing how we meet, how we share space with one another and how we stay connected. After much thought and conversations I am looking forward to our group emerging and coming together in January 2021


We will have a new meeting place in south Orange County, a new format and we will remain on the second Saturday of the month from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. We will continue to bring you great speakers, best selling authors, and a safe place for people to share their experiences.

In August we will have our annual conference online. or those of you who have never attended a national conference you are in for a treat.


Also, the Santa Barbara IANDS has numerous recordings of their past presenters. There are over 50 recordings and a wealth of information. there are some of your favorite presenters such as Rich Martini, Peter Anthony, and Dr. Parti.


I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall at our now location!


Janet Woods Msc.d



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