Nanci Danison, who had an NDE in 1994, is most remarkable for the extraordinary amount of information she was given AND remembers, with an exceptional ability to articulate it so it’s simple and understood by everyone.  It’s her account that I most resonate with that has helped shape my spiritual beliefs.  She’s approachable, and have spoken with her several times over the years, in particular to invite her to be a speaker for OC IANDS.  She is more than willing to do so but we will have to stream her talk, and arrange to obtain the electronics to do so.  I’ll work with our wonderful current facilitator, Michelle Wozniak to see if we can make it happen.  I receive her newsletter and for some reason, felt this is a topic of value for you today.
Many readers have asked me over the years whether manifesting can be used to make money. Andy recently phrased it this way: “You wrote [in a newsletter]: ‘Unfortunately, when the soul part of us thinks it is human, if often manifests what it believes to be true based on human experiences.’ It sounds like the soul can get confused with being a human and then manifest the human’s beliefs. As an example, if the human had a belief that he wanted a lot of money, and the soul part thinks it is human, it would then manifest a lot of money?”
We souls generally do believe we are human. That is why I am trying to wake more of us up to our memories of who we really are.
No. This confusion does not cause us to manifest what humans want. We manifest what we spiritual entities truly and deeply believe about ourselves and life. We can, and do, have entirely different beliefs than the bodies we inhabit. That’s what creates a lot of the inner conflict we feel.
A human may desire a lot of money, but healthy adults do not believe that just wanting money is enough to make it appear. Adults generally believe money must be earned via a job, won in a game or contest, inherited, stolen, received as a gift, or exchanged for the sale of goods or services. Light Being souls believe this too, because this has been our human experience. So we do not manifest money like magic. Light Beings may, however, manifest opportunities to receive money in one of the ways listed here. But we will do so only if money is necessary to accomplish our spiritual goals, which isn’t often.
In short, manifesting is a spiritual power used to further soul goals, not a get-rich-quick scheme to satisfy human greed.
There is a whole chapter on this subject in my work-in-progress book on manifesting, entitled We Are Creators: Powerful Beyond the Law of Attraction.
Thank you so much for being open to the messages I returned from the afterlife to share.
Nanci L. Danison, JD, afterlife experiencer, retired attorney, and author of BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers, BACKWARDS Guidebook, BACKWARDS Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions, Answers from the Afterlife, and the Light Answers to Tough Questions series of CDs and DVDs (A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd., Publishers). Visit me at or watch me on YouTube.

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