Pet owner captures on video spirit of dog who recently passed away

Barry Kennedy is the one who took this video, which he posted on Facebook a year ago.  He said “Hi. My dog died recently and we kept smelling wet dog and getting orbs on photos in the dining room.  Then this is what I caught in video.”

Dahli, Robin’s dog in 2006

Many pet owners have seen, heard or felt the presence of a pet who has died.  I’m one of them.  I heard the click-click-click-click-click-click sound of my dog Dahli’s claws as she walked across my kitchen floor.  She was walking toward me.  My back was to her as I sat in front of my computer working.  It was such a familiar sound that for one split second, I forgot that she had died, and I turned to greet her as I often did. This was an auditory experience only, I didn’t ‘see’ her.

A few weeks later, I was sitting in my easy chair in the living room watching TV.  I suddenly sensed her jumping up the side of my chair to my left and felt her nuzzle her way under my forearm to get to my lap.  My forearm actually lifted up as she crawled under.  There was something else interesting about this. I adopted her when she was already a senior.  During the time I had her, she was too old to make this kind of a jump.  This experience was not frightening at all, actually the opposite. It filled me with tremendous happiness to have this proof, once again, that my little girl really WAS right here with me.

I’ve only seen an orb twice, a few minutes apart in 1994.  It was my best friend, Peter, who had died a week earlier. I held a memorial service in my apartment for his friends and co-workers. Everyone had left except for Rob, who had been his significant other years earlier. We were sitting at my dining room table catching up with each other, when we both saw the orb up at the ceiling.  It was much larger than an orange but smaller than a basketball. I had no idea what an orb was in those days, in fact, I had no idea what that was at all except along with it was ‘knowing‘ it was Peter.  Rob waved and said “Hi West”, Peter’s last name.  The image dissipated, yet returned about 30 minutes later, then disappeared again.  That’s the last orb I’ve seen.

For more on orbs, go to Virginia Hummel’s site. She’s known as The Orb Whisperer:


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