Dr. Sarah Larsen shares story of her NDE due to husband trying to murder her with toxic substance


Sarah Larsen, MD
Guest Speaker

Date:  July 11th, 2015
Time:  1PM – 4:00 PM

Dr. Sarah was born in Asia and as her mother’s marriage was arranged and entered into as a 13 year old, Sarah’s marriage was also arranged, marrying at 14 to a doctor. In 1990 when she was 19, over a period of weeks, her husband tried to murder her by administering a toxic substance. During that time, Dr. Sarah shifted in and out of consciousness resulting in peak experiences with NDE.   Information was ‘downloaded’ about the universe, life and death, all of eternity and creation, past and future in this and other realms. This resulted in a beautiful understanding of our purpose in being in this life.

Dr. Sarah will tell her story in detail at our meeting. Also, as a 3rd generation palm reader, she will teach us what markings and signs to look for in our hands about our past, present and future life.

Dr. Sarah received a degree of Medical Doctor from Medical University of the Americas, and has training and areas of expertise in ayurvedic medicine (eastern), epigenetics, Edgar Cayce medicine, Gerson Therapy, homeopathy, energy healing and anthroposophic medicine. She is a certified master trainer and facilitator of Neuro Linguistics programming, hypnotism, Emotional Freedom Technique and psychic development.

She’s also a medical intuitive, spiritual counselor, works with energy medicine in Los Angeles and has worked in hospitals and clinics in India, Trinidad and Tobago, Washington D.C., Georgia and Louisiana.

She offers one-on-one sessions, couples counseling and group courses, seminars, and retreats that improve and enrich people’s lives.

Dr. Larsen lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband and two children.

Her website: http://www.drsarahlarsen.com


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