She ‘died’ right after childbirth and saw heaven. Sharing her story on June 11th



On Dec. 11, 2002, 42-year-old Deb Foster gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Bryce. But within hours, something went wrong, and the new mom died. Deb will share her detailed story of going to a ‘different place’ where she saw heaven.

Her story has been featured in newspapers, Barbara Walters’ special entitled:Heaven, Where is It? How Do We Get There? Deb was also interviewed in the December 2005 issue of Guideposts and featured in the 2008 film: Reflections: Beyond and Back in 2008.

Please come and hear her story. She’ll be answering everyones’ questions afterwards. Bring a friend, especially any animal lovers who wonder where their pets go when they leave this world.


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