Jan 10th Doug Heyes, Jr., a Healer due to NDE and Miraculous Healing. Conducting Healing Meditation

While on his skis as a ‘ski patroller’ at a well-known California resort, Doug Heyes had a devastating accident when his skis locked up, resulting in a spinal cord injury, paralysis, and an NDE, which he will describe.

Doug first came into awareness of his gift for Spirit Energy healing following his own miraculous healing, which received widespread attention from its publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles. Since then, he has devoted himself to the study and practice of transformation healing, working extensively with masters and teachers in the field, from which he has built a worldwide healing practice.

During Saturday’s talk, Doug will guide us in a meditation where we will open ourselves to the presence and power of Spirit through breath, light and energetic attunement, a state in which profound healing can occur.

In concert with his healing work, he is also an EMT, and continues his work as a ski patroller and professional rescuer. He’s also author of Body Mind Heart & Soul – The Journey to Total Healing. He holds a B.A. in Psychology (UCLA, 2007) and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology (University of Santa Monica, 2012), as well as a Red Belt in Pyong An Do Wan (Peaceful Mind Way) Kung Fu. Prior to his conversion to the healing arts, he spent many years working in the entertainment business as a writer-producer IMBD/Doug Hayes.

His website is http://www.heart-centeredhealing.com/



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