Christian Minister’s NDE: Saved from Horrifying Darkness, Followed by Light, Healing Miracles

Mickey Robinson, born a Roman Catholic, now a Christian minister and author of Falling Into Heaven, recounts his 1968 near-death experience when the plane he was in exploded.  He was only 19 years old.  As the facilitator of Orange County IANDS and in my own personal interest and research into near-death experiences, he reports something I have not yet heard from other experiencers.  At the moment he revived and came back into his body, only momentarily he heard himself speaking a beautiful language, one he had never heard before.

Mickey has a pleasing low-key, matter-of-fact way style of communication in which he tells his story to Sid Roth, a messianic Jew and host of the Sid Roth-It’s Supernatural show.

A further search on Youtube will produce many interviews of Mickey.  I came across one in which the host invites him to say a prayer for all the listeners.  It may have a different effect for you, but the prayer had a calming peaceful effect on me which has lasted throughout the day.  I’m not a Christian so as I heard the references to Jesus Christ, I just replaced them with words which reflect my personal beliefs, ‘God’, ‘My Creator’, ‘Higher Power.’  The prayer in the following video starts at the 4 minute mark.


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