Mary Grace to speak on her miraculous NDE & struggles to assimilate it with her Catholic faith

On November 1, 2001, Mary Grace hit bottom.  She was suffering from two long-term, incurable illnesses – lupus and epilepsy. She was in deep grief over the recent passing of her mother, which escalated her chronic drug and alcohol addiction. Mary Grace did not want to live, begged God for mercy to put an end to her misery and take her Home.  The next day, her prayers were answered.  While driving, she had a fatal heart attack.

Join us this Saturday when Mary Grace will share the details of her journey to the other side and the miraculous after effects of her life-changing voyage, yet struggling to assimilate the mystical experiences with her Catholic faith.

Mary Grace is the author of “The Communion of Saints, Talking to God and Grandma”, endorsed by Bill Guggenheim among others. The book is a groundbreaking, inspirational, educational, self-help book that bridges science and religion by integrating parapsychology with Christian Theology, mysticism, and spiritualism.

Mary Grace is also a Parapsychologist, Spiritual Counselor and founder of Gifts of Grace Ministry. She provides educational workshops and inspirational talks about supernatural, mystical, paranormal and near-death phenomena. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Geneseo and is a retired mental health professional.  She trained in mediumship at Lily Dale, NY, is a member of Spiritus Christi Catholic Church in Rochester, NY and the International Association of Near Death Studies.  She conducts spiritual workshops and presentations nationally.  To learn more go to


OC IANDS exists for people in the Orange County and surrounding area who have had a near-death and/or related experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. The group provides a forum in which to discuss such experiences and their meaning and integration into subsequent life.

Discussion takes place in an atmosphere of openness and interest/support without judgment, proselytizing, or advice-giving. The group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in Tustin.  We have a structured program with a guest speaker followed by discussion.

Although we meet in a Unity church, the group is not affiliated with any specific religion. The church is conveniently located, and they allow us to use a classroom.

However, those who attend and who can afford to do so are asked to make a $10 contribution to the church for our use of their room.


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