Mary Deioma, featured speaker at July 12th, 2014 meeting in Tustin


Mary Deioma

Even if you have heard Mary Deioma speak before about her conscious NDE (near-death experience) and multiple OBE’s (out-of-body experience), she’ll be sharing new stories not yet  reveaed.  

They include prophecies that have not yet come true and some that have, with dates and evidence to validate information received before the event. Science and advances in the electron microscope technology has just (March 2013) given us a view into the sub-atomic realm images and video that validates the details revealed in her 2001 experience. Included, stunningly beautiful images that reveal the sun is a conscious loving being.

Mary has had many after death communications and video evidence of paranormal activity, and will talk about other time travel experiences not in her book, Loved: A Transcendent Journey.

This presentation will touch your heart and reveal information that will probably be new to you.


Mary is fifth of eight children and currently lives in Santa Ana. She spent the bulk of her adult career as an accounting clerk before her transformation. Now she is an author and public speaker, with a personal mission to “share the love and to get the word out that we are Loved”.

She is a member and contributor to, and frequent speaker at IANDS groups in the southwest, and at the Life after Life group in Laguna Woods.

Mary volunteers as producer and graphic designer for Carribean Radio Show (NDE’s) and Soul of Wellness Radio. She welcomes anyone interested in being a guest for either show. Monday’s for NDE 5pm-7pm SOW 7pm-8pm Pacific.

She is a Reiki Master, reads playing cards (cartomancy), a former volunteer board member for the Learning Light metaphysical center, and founder of Sun Whisperers, a Facebook page that reports of space weather and solar activity.



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