NDE survivor of scuba diving accident will speak at April 12th meeting


On September 29, 1984, Darlene Jaman survived a freak scuba diving accident off the coast of California. She experienced a core NDE (Near Death Experience) enveloped by the white light and an imbuing Love. This resulted in her spiritual reawakening and her birth of creative sight.

Darlene’s journey took her on a path of discovery to spend two and half years in Scotland at Findhorn Spiritual Community. Coming back to Los Angeles, she dedicated herself to help terminally ill patients who fear death.

For over a decade, Darlene facilitated and counseled the West Los Angeles friends of IANDS support group.

Darlene was raised in Los Angeles, and through the years, received extensive training in prestigious institutes of art, fashion design, and gourmet cooking.  After her NDE, painting became the way to quiet her mind, a transcendental gateway to another universe far beyond the physical limitations of the canvas. She is able to draw from gifts of sight which transcend beyond her thoughts and feelings giving over to the flow of painting, never knowing what will come onto the canvas.

Darlene will bring a couple of her pieces to the meeting which depict elements of her NDE,  also seen in her sketch below which she’ll explain during her talk.



Date:     Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Time:    1:00-4:00 pm

Place:    Unity of Tustin, Tustin, CA

Admission:  $10, but no one turned away

PLEASE BRING A SWEATER OR JACKET – the room may be too cold for some.

To receive meeting notices by email, send your request with first and last names to robin@robinbarr.com.


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